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Open or Close Your Swimming Pool

Let the professional crew at Acqua Pools, Inc. open up your pool for the summer or close it for the winter. Our knowledgeable team can handle any need that pops up, from water imbalances and heater issues to small leaks and repairs. Our pool opening services include:

Keep your pool clean and protect the people who use it

We can open and close pools of all sizes and shapes, and have many pool covers available, including safety pool covers. Be sure to check out our VIP Maintenance Package for a completely care-free pool season!

  • Remove cover

  • Lower lugs (safety covers)

  • Visual inspection

  • Winterization plug removal

  • Start-up system

  • Water chemistry analysis

  • Add initial chemical - Chlorine, algaecide, D.E.

  • Equipment installation - Ladders, handrails, and more

  • Verify working status of heater

  • Clean debris from pool edge

  • Fill water sleeves (solid covers)

  • Raise lugs (safety covers)

  • Visual inspection

  • Shut down system

  • Winterize lines and equipment

  • Add winterization chemicals - Chlorine boost and winterizing algaecide

  • Accessory removal - Ladders and handrails

  • Winter cover installation

  • Water chemistry analysis

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Pool Closing Services