Pentair EasyTouch Controls

“Super chlr” Mode – Shocking the pool; “Boost”
1. Press “Menu” button
2. Scroll up or down to “Settings”
3. Press “Select” button
4. Scroll down to “IntelliChlor”
5. Press “Select” button

The page you are on, before executing Step 6, is the regular settings screen. It is this screen, “1/2,” that enables the chlorinator (turns it on; it should read “Yes”) and allows for normal running output adjustments (most people choose between 40-60%) – every pool is different (depending upon bather load, amount of sunlight, vegetation, etc.)

6. Scroll up or down to “2/2” (page 2), top right corner

This page allows you to super chlorinate (“Shock” / “Boost”) by pressing the “Select” button and scrolling down or up to activate (“on”). Then hit “Select” to highlight the run hours to choose your duration (usually 24 hours) and “Select” again to lock in. Finally, hit the “Menu” button three times to exit.